John Glen explains how he shot a plane flying through a hangar in the heart-pounding opening of Octopussy.
Todd Holland
Veteran television comedy director Todd Holland wonders if failure is more valuable than success. After all, that’s what his mother told him.
DGA Quarterly Fall 2010 Peter Sellers
Directing Peter Sellers
Peter Sellers may have been crazy, but he was also a great comic actor. Directors and others remember the highs and lows of working with him.
Woody Allen & Juliet Taylor
Woody Allen’s closest collaborator for over 35 years has been his casting director Juliet Taylor. Who knew?
Lynne Ramsay
After eight years, British director Lynne Ramsay returns with a new film and another disturbing story.
Internet Theft
In July, U.S. Immigration and Customs agents seized seven major websites. Here’s the blow-by-blow account of how it went down.
DGA Quarterly Interview with Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott
In over 20 films, including Blade Runner, Gladiator and Black Hawk Down, Ridley Scott has seen things you wouldn’t believe—and made them real.
Elia Kazan
Elia Kazan called himself a "desperate beast" in his quest to get the deepest emotions out of his cast. And in an extraordinary career that revolutionized screen acting, he usually got what he was looking for.
Anne Fletcher
With hits like 27 Dresses and The Proposal, Anne Fletcher has gone from a choreographer in demand to a director who knows the score. But for her, it’s the story that still counts.
Alejandro González Iñárritu
Alejandro González Iñárritu analyzes Kurosawa’s Ikiru and explains how it influenced his latest film, Biutiful.
Apps for Filmmakers
New apps for the iPhone and iPad designed for filmmakers.
Entourage 1st AD
Gary Goldman has been the 1st AD on Entourage since the TV series started. We asked him to keep a diary for the last show of season seven.
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