Werner Herzog
For 40 years, Werner Herzog has been what he calls "a good soldier of cinema," traveling the globe in search of "ecstatic truth." The wandering director talk about the journey.
DGAQ DVD Classics - The Golden Age of Television
Golden Age of Television
The golden age of television presented exciting opportunities for a generation of young directors. A new box set revisits the art and innovations of early movies made for TV.
DGAQ Funny Business - Linda Mendoza
Linda Mendoza
Being pigeonholed isn't for Linda Mendoza-neither as a Hispanic woman or single- vs. multi-camera TV director.
DGAQ In My Opinion - Bill D'Elia
Bill D'Elia
The director of Chicago Hope fondly remembers working with the late Senator Kennedy on his only TV series appearance.
Alex Gibney
How has Alex Gibney managed to turn hard-hitting subjects like Enron and the war on terror into award-winning documentaries?
DGAQ Director Profile - Alexander Mackendrick
Alexander Mackendrick
Alexander Mackendrick came to America and directed Sweet Smell of Success, one of Hollywood's darkest films. But when his curious career stalled, he became a respected film professor for two decades.
DGA Quarterly Jon Favreau
Jon Favreau
Jon Favreau made his screen debut as a hipster in Swingers, but as a director has lost none of his joy for storytelling.
DGAQ Screening Room - Antoine Fuqua  on Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets
Antoine Fuqua
Antoine Fuqua watches Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets and talks about his personal connection to the film.
DGAQ Shot to Remember - The Deer Hunter
The Deer Hunter
Michael Cimino's nail-biting Russian roulette sequence captured the horror of war perhaps like none other before. The director explains how he created the excruciating tension.
DGAQ Technology - Hot Digital Cameras
Digital Cameras
Panavision's Genesis and the independently made RED ONE are two of the hottest digital cameras around. We asked directors about the pros and cons of each.
DGAQ Television - Friday Night Lights
Friday Nights Lights
Directors and their teams on Friday Night Lights find some novel solutions for shooting at a breakneck pace.
Iron Chef
The American version of the popular Japanese series, Iron Chef, actually makes a spectator sport out of cooking.
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