DGA Quarterly Magazine Summer 2008 10 Questions Chad Hurly
Chad Hurley
YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley considers how the Internet site is trying to convert all those hits into a plan to make money.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Summer 2008 Screening Room
James L. Brooks
William Wyler's The Best Years of Our Lives is a film that has remained lodged in James L. Brooks' head and heart for all these years. He explains its inexorable appeal.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Summer 2008 The Industry
Luxury Movie Theaters
New luxury theaters are featuring high-end amenities. But does this enhance or detract from the moviegoing experience?
DGA Quarterly Magazine Summer 2008 Indie Voice Kasuma
Karyn Kusama
Karyn Kusama got off to a great start with Girlfight but descended into studio hell with Aeon Flux. As she rebounds with a new film, she reflects on lessons learned.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Summer 2008 Shot to Remember
Batman Begins
Christopher Nolan tried to shoot as much as he could the climatic chase in Batman Begins in camera. He explains how he did it.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2008 Richard Schickel
Richard Schickel
Richard Schickel is best known as a film critic, but he has been making documentaries about movies for almost as long as he's written about them. His latest-and most ambitious-is a five-part history of Warner Bros. studio.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Summer 2008 Gus Van Sant
Gus Van Sant
Few directors have had a more varied and unpredictable career than Gus Van Sant. His latest passion project is the story of slain and openly gay San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Summer 2008 Books
James Cameron
Although he continues to be a master of special effects and new technology, James Cameron's focus is on storytelling, not flash. In the midst of shooting Avatar, his eagerly anticipated epic, he is exploring the potential of a digital 3-D feature.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Summer 2008 Second ADs
ADs Setting Background
Whether it's a fashion show in New York or Skid Row in downtown L.A., setting background is an essential part of making a film come alive. Assistant directors explain the art of making it real.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Summer 2008 Kids Show
Directing TV Movies for Kids
With the booming market for TV movies for teens and tweens, more and more directors are learning the secrets of working with young actors. A few of the leading practitioners share their experience on the set.
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