The daytime drama has proven to be one of the most popular and enduring forms of entertainment since its inception nearly six decades ago with many technological advancements that have impacted how these shows are made.
Reality shows are visually and logistically complex and require dozens of cameras. To incorporate all that takes forethought and planning; basically, it takes a director.
James Signorelli, who directs SNL's film and commercial parodies, and Beth McCarthy-Miller, who directs the live segments, discuss the challenges and pleasures of putting together 90 minutes of comedy a week.
The 13-episode season of American Family, an entire 75-day television shoot (intentionally scheduled like a film production), was shot using a 24P HD three-camera setup.
DGA Responds to the Controversy
The DGA addresses the controversy surrounding smoking in the movies.
Reconstructing The Big Red One
Details DGA member Richard Schickel's efforts to assemble a complete version of director Sam Fuller's The Big Red One.
DGA Magazine
July 2004