Winter 2006

Francisco "Chico" Day

Member, 1937-1995

"I think that the greatest secret of being a good assistant director is personality—being able to get along with people, love people, and be on the alert all the time,” said legendary assistant director Francisco “Chico” Day. He was a natural at assisting directors, as he memorably did for Cecil B. DeMille on his 1956 production for The Ten Commandments. Interviewing for that job he said: “You know, Mr. DeMille, I want you to know that I’m not afraid of you - and I’m used to working under fire.” The acclaimed director shot back: “Young man, at least that’s a step forward.” Day, the Guild’s first Mexican-American member, was active in helping the next generation of ADs and hosted many seminars for assistant directors/unit production managers. He was awarded the Frank Capra Achievement Award in 1981 for his dedication to AD/UPMs.


The Legends column began as part of the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the DGA in 2006 to profile Guild members who have made outstanding contributions to their Guild in service and leadership.

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