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Indie Voice: Director Steve James

Steve James has captured revealing personal moments in documentaries like Hoop Dreams and The Interrupters. With a new film about Roger Ebert’s last days, he continues his exploration of lives in transition.

The Documentarian as Game-Changer

Two panels examined the transition from traditional, observational documentaries to modern, agitational documentaries - during this special event at the DGA in New York.

Truth Be Told - What motivates Errol Morris

The form and tools of documentary filmmaking have changed over the years, but what motivates Errol Morris is the pursuit of truth.

The Real Story

How has Alex Gibney managed to turn hard-hitting subjects like Enron and the war on terror into award-winning documentaries?

Beneath the Surface

With the decline of investigative journalism on TV and in newspapers, social activist documentarians are filling the holes. It's not always glamorous but getting the story has its own rewards.