DGA Awards Galleries 2013

Meet the Nominees: Reality Programs

65th Annual DGA Awards

On January 24, the Guild held its annual event for the DGA Award Nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Reality Programs.

Following introductory comments made by DGA President Secretary-Treasurer Michael Apted and Reality Television Committee Co-chair Craig Borders, there was a screening of clips from the nominated works. Then nominees Tony Croll (America’s Next Top Model, “The Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model”), Peter Ney (Face Off, “Scene of the Crime”), Brian Smith (Master Chef, “Episode #305”), J. Rupert Thompson (Stars Earn Stripes, “Amphibious Assault”), and Tim Warren (Ink Master, “Pasties and a Cameltoe”) stepped to the podium to speak briefly about their work.

The event was followed by a reception where DGA members and guests could mingle with the nominees.

photos by Byron Gamarro